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AGD PARMA was founded in 1984 by the parents of children affected by diabetes with the purpose of favouring an early diagnosis, treatment and better knowledge of juvenile diabetes by promoting information and medical education, raising awareness of political and medical authorities, and fostering solidarity between families.
President Margherita Borri Cocconcelli guided the Association from its first day of activity, 14 December 1984, until 22 October 2006, day of her early death.
In its 30 years of activity, the Association has actively collaborated with the Regional Reference Centre of Paediatric Diabetology, which was subsequently named after Margherita Borri Cocconcelli, organising the annual self-management training camp for youths, arranging the purchase of medical equipment, organising conferences and workshops on diabetes as well as shows and activities for fund raising, financing awards for university degrees in diabetology and scholarships for attendance of foreign universities by young doctors.
The Association avails itself of the collaboration with all its members and the medical doctors of the Centre, with the aim of achieving all the goals set by the continuous improvement in the treatment of juvenile diabetes and the prevention of its complications.
AGD PARMA is a member of AGD ITALIA (, Fe.D.E.R. ( and VOB.
VOB is the Association founded in 2006 by nine paediatric Associations active within the Parma Hospital that joined forces to support the construction of the new Children’s Hospital.  



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